Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Rudolph coughed and sneezed.
Ahh-choo! His nose was really red.
The doctor nodded ruefully.
"He has to stay in bed."

Rudolph had a cold,
a bad one, plain to see.
He wasn't going anywhere
with Santa Christmas Eve.

Rooftops dark and tricky.
(Hey ... where'd the chimney go?)
That's what Santa has to deal with
absent Rudolph's rosy glow.

But Santa is a cheery soul
and a smart one, too.
He quickly had a bright idea:
"I know what to do!"

Using special Santa-magic,
he conjured up a moon,
a full one, round and shiny.
Who needs Rudolph? That old prune!

So... to those of you who don't believe
in Santa, here's the proof:
Look out the window Christmas Eve
at the moonlight on your roof.

(Rodolfo é uma das renas do trenó do Pai Natal)


Anonymous said...

Feliz natal para ti...
com tudo que desejares..

Peter said...

Igualmente para ti e para os teus.Que 2005 seja um ano espectacular,pelo menos aí no Brasil,porque isto aqui por Portugal anda muito fusco.
P.S. - Não tens aparecido no MSN ...